Shifting gears

. . .printing out Trade Secret as I type, today will be spent immersed in the Jethri-verse.  The interwebs seem to be carrying on as usual without my participation.  Carry on, interwebs, carry on.

* * *

Progress on Carousel Seas

77,938/100,000 words OR 78% complete

“I’m afraid that you’ll have nightmares, even if I do finish it,” she said. “I’ve had my share of them, since we started down this path. But, even so — even now — I can’t see what else we could have done; and it was certain that we had to do something.”

“Now you’re just having fun with me,” I said.

Gran glared — then laughed.

“You’re right. If I’m going to tell it, I ought to tell it properly, from the beginning.”

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