Oh, the buzzin’ of the bees in the peppermint trees ’round the soda water fountains

So, I think I failed to mention here that, after research and consultation with the resident cats, and some really hard shopping, we ordered in a cat tree, which arrived today.  I have already declared it a success, as Mozart immediately jumped onto the box and declared himself the King of the Cats.  I will note that the cat tree is still in the box, because I need to do stuff like move the sofa and take down some pictures before I can actually build the tree.  This may happen tomorrow.  Or it may not.  Pictures will be posted, when and if.

Mostly though, I’ve been writing.  I really, really want to finish this draft before we head off to BEA, and, barring something Tragic, it looks like I’ll be able to do that.  Phew.

Sometime in the last. . .month or so, I received a mailing from Planned Parenthood that included a “membership card” — has anyone else gotten one of these things?  It has my name on it, and an ID number and states that I’ve been a “member” since 2001, which is apparently as far back as their database goes.

Here’s the thing, though.  I don’t consider myself a “member” of Planned Parenthood.  I support their work, but I didn’t join; I wasn’t aware that Planned Parenthood was a club.

Am I alone in being annoyed by this?

To top it off, Planned Parenthood has been calling (and calling and calling) for the last few weeks, because they have this matching grant thing they’re trying very hard to qualify for.  I wish them well, but I really resent it when they tell me that my “usual” donation amount is $150 and can they put me down for $300 this time?  All said in the perkiest voice imaginable.

First of all, my “usual” amount is more like $25; the $150 was the result of the fundraiser Pinbeam Books did for Planned Parenthood when they were hosed by the Pink Ribbon People.  We donated the proceeds of all sales of The Cat’s Job, for a month, I think it was, to Planned Parenthood.

Also?  Here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, three hundred dollars is Serious Money.

So, yeah, I’m annoyed on a couple of fronts, here.  And I’m also saddened that they feel they have to adopt hard-sell tactics, which are going to lose them donors like me, who don’t want to be manipulated, and who have limited funds, and more than one charity worthy of those funds.


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5 thoughts on “Oh, the buzzin’ of the bees in the peppermint trees ’round the soda water fountains”

  1. Yay on the cat tree success! Looking forward to pics whenever. 🙂

    Agreed on Planned Parenthood. The hard-sell tactics by that and other charity organizations is the main reason I no longer answer my landline. I just got tired of explaining that I’m not made of money. All calls go straight to my answer machine and if I recognize the voice, I pick up. I think I got one of their ‘membership cards’ recently, too, but I haven’t opened the envelope yet.

  2. Been there, done that on the “usual donation/membership” front.
    One outfit has been blown out of the water for having their caller confirm my name & address, then call me by a name that does not remotely resemble mine.

    Thank you for the snippet in vernacular. Which almost always includes double negatives and other “improper grammar” so I hope no trolls get in a snit about it.

  3. My last name is pronounced to rhyme with the generic term for an adult female of good manners and breeding, or with the last name of the late tycoon, “Diamond Jim.” If anyone pronounces it as though I were engaged in the business of carrying peoples’ golf clubs for a living, I immediately dismiss him or her as an illiterate scoundrel. Since charity ‘phone solicitors ALWAYS make this error, I’m provided with a natural filter for hang-up decisions. Everything has a good side.

  4. I’ve been inundated with similar calls from Planned Parenthood. While I certainly support the cause, my past donations have been $10 in the late 1980s to help defeat a state referendum and $15 more recently with the Komen thing. They want $100 or more. My membership seems to be based on the earlier donation. I do find it pushy. And they don’t seem to understand that unemployed means no money for discretionary spending. In light of N Dakota, Virginia, and Missouri I would love to help, but gotta eat.

  5. It’s not just PP; I forget which charity just sent us a letter where the pre-marked donation was $1000. I kid you not. That’s beyond Serious Money into Major Home Repair.

    When we were still working, we sent a fair chunk of money to several charities; now that we’re both retired, there’s not a category for “Charity” in our budget – it has to come out of other categories, and the amounts are now around $25. And there’s not only the phone calls, but the daily stacks of Begging Letters to recycle.

    I’m beginning to just hang up.

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