Of jewels rare and old, and coaches filled with gold

I’m afraid there’s not much to see here, as I make a dash for the end of the book. Insert Snapshot of The Author tipped forward in her chair, fingers on the keyboard, glaring at the screen

(It’s funny, Agent of Change was written very much at a dash, and so was Conflict of HonorsCarpe Diem wanted to dash — indeed, we did dash, and wrote a whole wrong book.  So, then we had to write the correct book, but at a slower pace, and paying close attention to the rules we’d laid down in the previous two books.   Continuity is hard.  It was then, I think, that we got into the habit of thinking things out in-between the writing, and things went from dash to dogged.)

So!  What’re y’all doing or thinking about or reading that’s fun and interesting?

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Progress on Carousel Seas

57,347/100,000 OR 57.35% complete

“The customs of a strange land are often confusing, I am told.  One may make errors of naivety, and be forgiven.  Other errors, I fear, Daughter, are not so easily forgiven.”

3 thoughts on “Of jewels rare and old, and coaches filled with gold”

  1. Insert similar snapshot of author in midst of finishing book while the clock ticks down to hard deadline.

    This is my morning five-minute break. Leaving now.

  2. I’m watching a reporting environment run very slowly while I try to build a finance report – loads of fun.

    Obviously, I’m reading blogs while I wait. I’ve managed to catch up on library books for the first time in a year, so I’m thinking about new authors. I just requested a Seanan McGuire book that a friend recommended.

  3. Hey 🙂
    I’m on my lunch break in India, checking out my favorite author blogs. I go back to some interesting Information research that I need to put together for an external agency in a bit.

    Also, I’m re-reading Ilona Andrews while waiting for her next book to come out late July.

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