The dance is sweeter than the song

Today is all about the errands, including a physical therapy session, a stop at the library to return books, at Staples to drop off used ink cartridges, and at Goodwill to drop off Various and Sundry.  Deliveries may happen; in particular, delivery of my replacement trackball.  There’s also a phone call to make, but that may wait.  I’m in phone-avoidance mode, and it’s not an emergency phone call, after all.

Also, somewhere in there I ought to do some writing.

The weather has reverted, slightly — down to 30F/-1C on the overnight, and slow to warm this morning, though it’s nice and sunny; should be a good day for running around.

For those who care about such details, I’m re-re-re-re-re-&c-reading Hellspark by Janet Kagan, because — comfort book.

What’re y’all reading?

11 thoughts on “The dance is sweeter than the song”

  1. as it happens, I am also re-re-re-reading Hellspark. But I did just finish the first few Liaden chap books on my NOOK.

  2. Reading? I have small children. Mostly I read Eric Carle and Dr Seuss. Also Al Yankovic (yes, the Weird one), though he has just the one book.

    When I DO have free moments… you all KNOW what *I* read…. =)

  3. Anniversary Day by Kristine Katherine Rusch. On my Nook. Was just thinking about Hellspark and how it’s time for a reread. Obnoxiously did the “Hellspark” and “Hell’s Park” pronounciations while talking about the book to my husband 🙂

  4. Just finished Across the Great Barrier by Patricia Wrede and eyeing The Far West, the next in the series. If my errands/chores/tasks leave me time to read today.

  5. I wish that Janet had been able to write the sequel to Hellspark…. (Lyme disease debilitated her.)

  6. Iai: The Art of Drawing the Sword, by Darrel Max Craig. (I plan to study with him when my physical therapy is done.) And The Long Hunt (Mageworlds #5) by Doyle and MacDonald.

  7. Zsuzsi Gartner’s “Better Living Through Plastic Explosives” (short stories with a … peculiar … world view — I fell in love with the title).

  8. I’ve been re-re-re-re-reading Tinker by Wen Spencer, along with the second and third books in the series, Wolf Who Rules and Elfhome. Absolutely wonderful books.

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