He’d buy a hundred pounds of yeast and some copper line

So, the day thus far has included the annual mammogram (have you had yours?  Have you scheduled it?), a trip to the post office, Which. Was. A. Zoo, because — Tax Day, right?  Maine residents have traditionally caught a break, and got one more day to mail their taxes, because (in Maine and Massachusetts only) April 15  is also — anyone?

You in the red sweater. . .I’m sorry?  Yes!  Patriot’s Day*!  A splendid New England holiday on which banks and schools close, but not the Post Office.

Someone this year decided to take advantage of the Post Office being open for business on New England’s Own Holiday and decreed that taxes have to mailed on the fifteenth in Maine and Massachusetts.  Thus the Pandemonium at the Post Office.

Where was I?

Oh — the errands upon the morning.

Mammogram, Post Office, bank (but it was closed! caught me.), grocery store and so to home.

I’m now thinking I need to do something supperish and get with Carousel Seas.  Regular readers here will recall that I was going to try to beat the plot out of Character C persuade Character C to tell me what they have in their mind.  They naturally — and, yanno, predictably — refused.

It is, of course, possible that I’m over-thinking the whole thing, that I already have the information I need, and that all will become Obvious in the Fullness of Time.

It’s equally possible that the backbrain hasn’t finished noodling that bit out yet.

Having no other choice, I recruit myself to patience, and recall that Character C is a competent sneak who’s been doing This Kind of Thing for far longer than I have.  Therefore, I shall continue on with writing the bits I do know.

I used to think that I’d be a Real Writer once I learned how a book went together.

*cue laugh track*


*In Maryland, where I grew up, Patriot’s Day is September 11, so when I worked for the State, which I did for many years, I got my birthday off.  Everybody should have their birthday off!  I So Decree.

* * *

Progress on Carousel Seas

32,638/100,000 OR 32.64% complete

Note:  There had been a snippet here, but it was, I am told, grammatically incorrect.  I have, therefore, removed the snippet before it offended someone else.


7 thoughts on “He’d buy a hundred pounds of yeast and some copper line”

  1. Hey, SAMK?

    With respect, please to be STFU.

    Sharon, PLEEZE to reput snippet cuz’ve how I done miss’d it t’first time.

  2. Looks like the majority of your readers isn’t offended by your snippets AT ALL, regardless of grammar.
    So, to cite Michele Ray: “PLEEZE to reput snippet cuz’ve how I done miss’d it t’first time.” (!) 🙂

  3. Yes please repost the snippet . I also wonder how many of your readers got the musical reference in the title of this post.

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