Boring old Saturday

For those keeping score, You’re All Just Jealous of my Jetpack did arrive in this morning’s mail.  Its arrival was the most exciting thing that happened today.

Which, after the week that just was?  Is not a Bad Thing.

Mostly what I did today was sit on the couch and write, ably assisted by Mozart, who took up his post on the floofy blanket beside me, and never wavered in his duty.  The sacrifices one makes for Art.

Three thousand eighty-eight words were forged upon the day, which I think is pretty exciting, though I’d hoped to crack forty grand, total, today.  Perhaps tomorrow, for which I also foresee the excitement! of!

Cleaning the bathroom.

Hope everyone had a satisfying Saturday, without alarums or excursions.

* * *

Progress on Carousel Seas

39,464/100,000 OR 39.46% complete

“The famous Archer wit. Well, I’ll tell you something – I ain’t laughing! As for even trying to talk to Jess Robald about anything sensible, I guess I know better’n that. Woman’s a fool, always been, an’ if there were still state sanitoriums, you’d’ve never had the chance to use her as a cat’s paw! Me, I know where the brains are in this. It’s you, just like it always was!

3 thoughts on “Boring old Saturday”

  1. Thank you! I also hope for boredom.

    Glad to see the troll has not put you off baking cookies & sharing them. Thank you for that, also.

    Had some thoughts about Liad today. Er. well, dragons, anyway.
    Should Miri & Val Con (and Natesa) be fearing the emergence of Sire Baldwin? Or other consequences of his behavior?
    Would Ren Zel benefit from a bit of Turtle Song? Bearing in mind that “an untrained wizard is a danger to herself and others…”?

  2. Hah, a snippet! AND one that dares to defy the Merciless Guardians of Grammar.
    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Yay snippets! Makes me happy, thank you. I so look forward to your new work, even as i savor re-reading that which you’ve already published.

    Just this morning i was re-visiting some of the later chapbooks, and realizing some i had loaned to a friend seem to have not come back yet, and i thought “Not long til the Liaden Universe Constellations are out and i won’t have to worry about it!”

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