Solving Socks: Update

Since yesterday, several people have reached out — publicly and in private mail — to say that, were there a fundraiser set up to cover Socks’ medical bills, they would contribute; that, if there was any way that they could help keep Socks with Steve and me, they’d be willing to make that effort.

Truly, Socks has the best fans in the world.  Steve and I are humbled and grateful.  Socks would be. . .well, not humbled, exactly, but pleased that so many people want to skritch his ears — but at the moment he’s napping on his special quilted piece, in Steve’s office.  Must keep to the schedule, you know.

So, here’s the thing:  Socks’ vet did offer us the option of megacolon surgery.  This is a procedure that shortens overlarge colons (apparently not an uncommon problem in cats), and which is the solution for the constant bouts of constipation/need to rush to the vets/emergency vets at all hours for emergency enemas.

Our vet made no secret of the fact that this is an expensive surgery, involving, as it does, Specialists in Portland.  We are simply not up for an “expensive” surgery.  I’ll be frank — the money tree doesn’t have that many leaves on it.

However, we’ve started to think that we can do this thing, thanks to the people who have offered to help.

So!  We’ve begun research into this procedure, and talking to people whose cats have undergone the operation.  Socks has a follow-up appointment first thing Monday morning with his primary vet and we will delve into such things as costs, success rates, and convalescence care.

After we have all of these ducks in a row, I will lay it all out here, and we’ll see if this is possible/desirable.

I want to thank everyone for their caring, and their sharing, and their willingness to help.  You guys are awesome!


2 thoughts on “Solving Socks: Update”

  1. Please put me on the list of contributors for Socks.
    We currently have 6 rescue kitties and love them all so much.
    You guys have given me many hours of happiness from your writing, it’s the least I can do.

  2. Count me in for a “Sock-a-Thon”!

    Missing my own guys at the moment (visiting friends out west),

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