Fledgling by Lee and Miller now a free ebook

To the best of my understanding, which is a little shaky on certain bits, the ebook edition of Fledgling, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, is now available from the Baen Free Library in all ebook formats known to Man. Here’s the link.

Also? There’s a Fledgling Second Edition which will soon be for sale at the Kindle Store (it is, in fact for sale here as of this moment), the iBookstore, and at Baker & Taylor (Blio)  for $6.99. The second edition is available as an ebook only and includes The Authors’ Working Notes as new content.

Everybody confused? Good. Me, too.

What’s not confusing is that Fledgling is another portal book into the Liaden Universe®, so!  If the friend you offered Agent of Change (still available for free! from Amazon and from the Baen Free Library) to felt that Giant Sentient Turtles, gunfights, space battles, and True Love were a Little Too Much, here’s a nice, quiet coming-of-age story, with a little academic intrigue to keep things interesting, and no sentient aliens at all, unless you count norbears, which I certainly do.


One thought on “Fledgling by Lee and Miller now a free ebook”

  1. I started with Agent of Change and just finished Fledgling so I had to laugh at your comment! I love sentient Turtles and telepathic Norbears BTW!! I’m about to download Salting and can’t wait!!!!! Thank You Kindly!

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