Wednesday Link Salad and News

1.  My colleague Robert V.S. Redick yesterday celebrated Book Day for  The Night of the Swarm, the fourth-and-last book in his epic fantasy series, The Chathrand Voyage Quartet. You can read all about it, and view a book trailer, here on Robert’s homepage.

2.  I may have failed to mention here that John Scalzi hosted a Big Idea piece about Necessity’s Child yesterday.  Here’s that link.

3.  Uncle Hugo is shipping Necessity’s Child!  Mr. Blyly lets us know that he’s shipped out about 150 copies so far, starting with the first pre-orders received, in September, and is now through those placed in October.  He believes that he will have shipped all non-problem orders by Monday-next.

4.  SFWA addresses the “orphaned works” myth, here.

5.  Games Workshop is being a nincompoop, here  and hereEdited to add:  And here

6.  More on the slow demise of Barnes and Noble, this from The Atlantic

7.  The results of the Eustace Tilley 2013 cover are in.  View the finalists here

8.  Reviews of Necessity’s Child from Exploding Spaceship , SFRevu, and from The ExaminerWARNING:  May contain spoilers.

9.  If you haven’t read “Eleutherios” yet, your time is running out.  Here’s the link.

9a.  And Steve reminds me that there is a new splinter at Splinter Universe, Moon’s Honor, the first 12,000 words of a novel that was never finished. Here’s THAT link.

10.  I am hopelessly behind on my email, to the point where I may never get caught up.  I love you all, but the spoons still haven’t arrived.

Everybody take care.

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