Self-promotion, with cats

For those who had been waiting for the Edited and Compleat eEdition of Liaden Universe novel Necessity’s Child — your wait is over!  You may purchase it from Baen eBooks in Every Format Known to Woman:  here’s your link.  You may also purchase the Kindle edition only from Amazon:  here’s that link.

The hardcover and the audiobook editions will be released on February 5.  Also!  it’s not too late to pre-order the signed hardcover from Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis (Uncle ships worldwide).  Here’s that link.

As mentioned yesterday, “Eleutherios,” a Liaden Universe® (no, really, trust me) short story, is now published to the Baen front page.  The story may be read for free — no fee, no log-in, no sign-up required.  The story starts here (you have to scroll down).

Edited to add:  SFSite has opened the voting for Readers Choice for Best Read of 2012.  Last year, the Top Read, according to the readers of SFSite was Ghost Ship, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  Lots of good books came out in 2012 (including Dragon Ship by Lee and Miller), and you can nominate up to 10.  The rules are right here.

Also, I note with sadness that  Maine has slipped to second place in cat ownership, nationwide, ceding pride of place to Vermont.  Maybe this year we will recapture the coveted Fur-and-Purr Award.


One thought on “Self-promotion, with cats”

  1. Cool… Just to note, though, that the “Mobi” format on the Baen site works fine for kindles – just follow the directions to email the book directly to your kindle from the Baen site.

    That way, you get all the other formats for free…

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