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Silver Anniversary!
The Liaden Universe® didn’t start out as a Universe; it started out as one book. That book, a quirky little space opera called Agent of Change, was published by Del Rey as a paperback original, in February, 1988.

Which is to say, twenty-five years ago, this February.

But, wait! There’s more!

Not only is February 2013 the Silver Anniversary of the Liaden Universe®, but the sixteenth novel in the Universe, Necessity’s Child, will be released on February 5, in hardcover, signed hardcover, ebook, and audiobook!

Also? Every single Liaden Universe® novel ever written is — at this very instant! — in print, as omnibus, hardcover, trade paper, mass market, ebook, and/or audiobook editions!

Having survived as writers for twenty-five years is an achievement by itself. To have all of our novels in print during that twenty-fifth year is. . .amazing. And humbling.

For those who are planning to attend Boskone, we’ll be hosting a dual Silver Anniversary/Book Launch party there. We’re also mulling over some web celebrations, because really — you’re only in print twenty-five years once.

Help Build a Liaden Universe® Party Game
We would like to have available at least one Liaden-themed party game for the Big! Boskone Liaden Bash! Since there’s not likely to be enough space in the room to set up a Sticks table (never mind that I don’t think Massachusetts law allows payouts), and competition knife-throwing is right out, we thought we’d have a basket full of quotations/brief passages available. The idea would be that a partier would pick up a piece of paper out of the basket, read the quote aloud, and the first person who identifies the book/story from which the quote is taken and/or the character speaking will win the adoration of the rest of the party goers. Rumor is that we may have prizes available to us, so there exists the chance of a quote-off, also.

So! We need your help. Post your favorite quote and source (note: I will really need the entire quote as it appears in the novel/story and the source) here.

The link takes you to a moderated forum. That means that a human being must clear your comment, so it may not appear immediately. Never fear, it will appear eventually.

Let the games begin! And thank you for your help!

About that 16th Novel in the Liaden Universe®
Signed copies of Necessity’s Child are available for pre-order from Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore in Minneapolis (they do mail order! worldwide!) — here’s your link — and from your favorite online and indie bookstores.

Also! There will be an audiobook edition released concurrently with the hardcover, on February 5, from Here’s that link.

And, of course, the ebook edition is available (as has always been the case) in multiple formats (including ePub/Nook) from Baen — and, additionally, in Kindle format from

Also Available from Uncle Hugo. . .
Signed copies of the hardcover editions of Ghost Ship and Dragon Ship. Use this link, and scroll down.

Liaden Story on Baen Website!  Mark your Calendars!
On Tuesday, January 15 (holy cheese! That’s four days from now!), short story “Eleutherios” will be posted on the Baen website below the fold (just scroll down a little; you’ll find it — in fact there’s a story by Wen Spencer up there right now, so you could practice, just to be sure you’ve got the technique down). The story may be read for free — no donations, no log-ins, no sign-ups!

The Liaden Wiki Needs You!
Friend of Liad Gus Fleischmann took the initiative, and gathered the enormous amount of Liaden information that was all in pieces all over the web into the Liaden Wiki:

The wiki is meant as a resource for readers (and for authors, too).

The material Gus gathered needs to be ordered, proofread, tweaked — and added to! — and for that, we need you. Please consider pitching in.

Thank you!

Publication Schedule
January 15: “Eleutherios,” short story, Baen front page
February 5: Necessity’s Child, hardcover, signed hardcover, ebook, audiobook
July 2: Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 1, tradepaper, ebook
August: Essay in Dragonwriter: A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey and Pern, Benbella Press
August 27: Dragon Ship, mass market
November 5:  Trade Secrets, hardcover, ebook
January 5, 2014:  Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 2, tradepaper, ebook

Delivery Schedule
February 14: Carousel Sun (contemporary fantasy by Sharon)
August 15: Carousel Seas (contemporary fantasy by Sharon)
May 15, 2014: First of Five Liaden Universe® novels
February 15, 2015: Second of Five Liaden Universe® novels
November 15, 2015: Third of Five Liaden Universe® novels
August 15, 2016: Fourth of Five Liaden Universe® novels
May 15, 2017: Fifth of Five Liaden Universe® novels

…please be aware that the above are turn-in dates; the publisher sets the publication dates and they are, therefore, A Mystery. One thing that we can say definitively is that the publisher will not publish any of the above novels before they’ve been turned in.

A Reminder About Those Five Liaden Novels. . .
. . .referenced above. Those five books, in their entirety, comprise the “sequel” to Dragon Ship. Yes, it IS complicated.

Where in the World Are Lee and Miller?
Boskone, February 15-17, 2013, Boston (

At this point, Steve and Sharon have no plans to attend either WorldCon nor DragonCon in 2013.

Blogs and Other Webly Things of Note:
Theo_Waitley is the discussion group for readers of Fledgling and Saltation:
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Steve Miller’s blog, Journeyman:
Sharon Lee’s blog, Eagles over the Kennebec:
Sharon Lee’s “Professional” blog:
Splinter Universe Discussion List:

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Pinbeam Books: an online catalog, with vendor links, to all Lee-and-Miller eChapbooks
Splinter Universe: features outtakes, splinters, and oddities from the Lee&Miller writing career, currently changes irregularly.
Welcome to Liad — The official homepage for Liaden Universe® news —
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