Keeping it clean

Y’all remember back in August when Significant Portions of the Cat Farm became unfortunately — and inconveniently — filled with water?  And I lost all my wonderful soaps.

Many kind people resonated to my loss and sent soaps from all over the country.  I was, and am, touched their kindness, and absolutely amazed at the treasure that is mine.  Even more touching were the notes that were included with many of the soaps, offering good wishes, counseling us to hang in there, thanking us for our work, including the business cards of the soapmakers. . .

Four more bars of soap arrived yesterday, by mail and by Native Bearer, reminding me that I wanted to thank everyone again, for your care and your kindness.

* * *

For the visual artists among us, I note that the Eustace Tilley Contest opened on December 10, and closes at 11:59 p.m. ET on January 7, 2013.  Complete contest rules here.

* * *

Fans of Socks will rejoice to hear that he was perfectly calm and relaxed during his acupuncture session today — very much more calm and relaxed that I would be with needles sticking out of my face.  He does enjoy visiting with his fan club at the vet’s, and they, of course, very much enjoy him.  One of the goals of the acupuncture session was to decrease his visits to the vet, so today was, yes, bittersweet.

* * *

In addition to the receipt of soap, yesterday’s adventures included getting much-needed haircuts, and being rear-ended when Steve stopped the car to let an ambulance, in full-throat and red lights blaring — clear the intersection.  Happily, the light on our side of the intersection had just turned green, so the strike did no damage to Argent the Subaru or to us, though we did get a nice jolt of adrenaline out of it.

We also! yesterday read the copy edited version of “Eleutherios,”  to be published on the Baen website on January 15.  It’s a nice story; I think you’ll be pleased.

* * *

If you’re within the sound of my voice, and are at loose ends tomorrow night, Thursday, December 13, come see us at the Winslow Public Library.  We’ll be talking about science fiction, of all things, and signing books.  The party starts at 6:30.  Here’s your link.

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