In which Matters Progress. . .

The Liaden wiki is up to 70! pages! of content, including the information from the Weird Words Lists, authors’ working notes, fan additions, and joyous amounts of stuff!

What it needs now is organizing, proof-reading, html-ing and, of course, the addition of all the information that’s missing.

The wiki is a community resource, and the community has the opportunity to shape it into an extremely useful resource.  Don’t be shy:  Go on over to the Liaden Universe® Wiki, look around, and pitch in, if you have the time and the means.

Thank you.  And many thanks to Gus Fleischmann for taking the initiative, and all the stuff, and getting it out where we can all see it!

* * *

In other news, a couple thousand signed pieces of paper got on a FedEx truck this morning, and are now on their way to the printer, where they will, in due time, be bound into the special signed hardcover edition of Necessity’s Child, coming to a bookstore near you! in February.

If you haven’t pre-ordered Necessity’s Child, you may do so at all the usual suspects, and at Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis.  Here’s the order page.  You may, from that same page (by scrolling down a little) also order a signed copy of Dragon Ship, for that Special Reader on your gift-giving list.

Speaking of Dragon Ship. . .The December issue of Locus arrived today, and Steve and I were delighted to see Dragon Ship at Number 8 on the list of hardcover bestsellers, just above The Hobbit.

Returning for a moment to the subject of gift-giving. . .For the ebook readers and audiobook listeners on your list, check out Pinbeam Books.  All of the Liaden Universe® chapbooks are available electronically from the Kindle and Nook stores, as well as through Smashwords (convenient links to each book on each service at Pinbeam Books, for your shopping ease).  Also!  All fifteen Liaden Universe® novels are available through US and UK, as is Carousel Tides.  Again, there are handy links right on the Pinbeam Books site.

We have in the last day or two received the acceptance check for “Eleutherios,” which means that, hey!  It’s accepted!  Look for it on the Baen front page  along about January 15.  “Eleutherios” will be, as “Intelligent Design,” and “Landed Alien” before it, free for everyone — and anyone! — to read — no passwords, no log-ins, no surveys.

* * *

I went to pick up the Very Last SRM Publisher tax returns from our accountant today.  Accountant has moved to newer, nicer digs, which is good. What’s. . .startling is that — sexy new digs being in an old Maine house now converted to office space — the stairs going up to the second floor office might as well be called a ladder and have done.  I almost tipped over backward twice on my way up, and coming down was something of an adrenaline-fest.

Note to Self:  take rope and spikes next time.

I finished writing out the Yule cards this evening and find that my ability to write cursive has sadly deteriorated.  I’m hoping that my hand is just worn out with signing my name 2,000+ times, and my writing will improve — for values of “improve” that include “become no more illegible than formerly” — soon.

There were turkeys — a dozen or more! — in the door-yard this morning when we woke.  This was Socks’ first sighting of the great dinosaurs, in-herd.  He seemed appropriately awed.

For those keeping track at home, Carousel Sun presently stands at 71,000 words.  Tomorrow, she said with determination, is a Writing Day.  No, I Really Mean It.

In other news, it rained today.

Y’all have a good evening, ‘k?

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