Holiday reminders, with music

I think there can be no question that the Amazon MP3 Store is a Tool of the Devil.

Today, I barely escaped with my life credit card.  For, you see, I had remembered Leroy Anderson.  I managed to limit myself  to The Waltzing Cat, The Typewriter, and Blue Tango*.  Not too bad, really, considering I’d gone to Amazon on purpose to buy Danse Macabre.  Of which I bought two.  No, don’t ask.

Since my last electric letter, I baked a mince pie, built a Whole Buncha Bankers Boxes and transferred a Whole Buncha file folders to them (I’m told that there are households in the US that have neither file cabinets, nor Banker’s Boxes, but I don’t believe that can be so), glared at the computer screen, wrote words, unwrote words, wrote more words; assisted Steve in decorating the ceramic tree, and am looking with scant favor upon the prospect of setting up next year’s ‘count books.  Also on the dance card is vacuuming the house, but not the cats.

The fun never does stop.

In the spirit of the holiday, I hope you will allow me to remind you that ebooks make lovely gifts, and that the entire Lee and Miller oeuvre is now available, for Kindle, from Amazon; our novels and some of the short stories continue to be available in Every Format Known to Man directly from Baen.  In addition, all Lee and Miller eChapbooks are available at Barnes and Noble and from Smashwords.

Confused?  Visit Pinbeam Books for direct links to each title.

Looking beyond the holidays, I also take leave to remind you that you may pre-order a signed copy of Necessity’s Child, the book formerly known as George, from Uncle Hugo’s.  (I see that Amazon is hedging its bet on this edition, by allowing customers to sign up to be notified when the book shows up in their warehouse.  I suppose they’re still embarrassed by the Dragon Ship debacle.)  Uncle also still have in stock some few signed copies of Dragon Ship (use the link above and scroll down the page).

I hope everyone will have a pleasant season, whatever, or if, you celebrate.  Stay safe, and remember to hug the people you love.


*leaving behind The Phantom Regiment! and Saraband!  and The Syncopated Clock! and Belle of the Ball!  and…argh.  Deep breaths.

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