The Darkside is comin’, now nothin’ is real. . .

So, today’s news from Google Alerts is that  a person of no melant’i, who goes by the screen-name “Hocham,” asked in something called the mobilism forum for a copy of Necessity’s Child by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  Hesheorit was willing to give 10WRZ$ for a copy, because they couldn’t wait until February.  The request was posted at 1 p.m. yesterday.

At 3:20 p.m. yesterday, another person of no melant’i, this one hight “Mage” posted a link to a pirated copy of our novel, thus, one supposes, earning his 10WRZ$.

Of which we, the authors, receive not one cent, or WRZ$.  Worse, the pirated copy is now out on the web for even more persons of no melant’i, of which there appear to be quite a number, to download for free, or for the exchange of WRZ$.

May I just say that I am so very, very tired of having our work stolen?  I just, really, want to put my head down on the desk and weep.  Apparently “Hocham” is a fan of our work (I’m going by the “can’t wait until February” aspect of hesheorit’s post), and yet thinks it’s PERFECTLY OK to steal from us.

What, I wonder, does “Hocham” think writers live on?  Mist and buttercups?  What, I wonder, will “Hocham” do for hesheorits next Liaden book if there is no next Liaden book?

We’ve talked about “numbers” here before.  If books don’t do well for publishers — if they don’t “have numbers” — series have been cancelled.  It can and does happen.

Will “Hocham” and “Mage” take responsibility for their actions?  Or will they just go on to their next “favorite author” and kill them, too?

Honestly, we don’t need fans like this.

Authors write for a number of reasons — and one of those reasons is to earn money.  If they don’t earn money, they may continue to write, but those stories will never be published, so that’s sort of a moot point.

Don’t steal, for ghod’s sake.  Is that so damned hard?  And don’t download pirated books.

* * *

In other news, contracts arrived yesterday for the Carousel books and for the Five Book Liaden Universe® dash.  So, yanno, yay!

I hope we’ll be able to see all of these published for y’all.

4 thoughts on “The Darkside is comin’, now nothin’ is real. . .”

  1. So sorry this keeps happening. You’re 100% right. Fans like them, you don’t need or want. How do the books get pirated in the first place?

  2. I wish I were an interwebz hero who could go online and pop out of their computers, educate them briskly, and then pop back in again.

  3. When I was a kid I used to do yard work to earn books should my family ever drive to the city and we could go to the book store. Sometimes I had enough earned for a book and sometimes not, but I was happily thinking of my future book purchase while pushing that stupid old mower over bumpy ground all afternoon. That was the 1990s just when the internet was taking off.

    I’m not sure if kids these days even grasp that other people work to make something and then you work to earn it. They’d rather spend time being “computer smart” and being the first to share a stolen file or find a stolen file.

    Are they thinking about the labor put into making the book when they haven’t labored for the stuff they get in many areas of their life? Maybe not. I’m not sure what the solution is. It’s a societal flaw. Somewhere along the way business practices fostered disgruntled buyers and caused to find alternative routes (overpriced CDs of the late 90s come to mind) and in a matter of only a few years a whole slew of kids have grown to see the value of a book, a song, a movie as zero.

    Some might be bright enough to figure out that’s why authors end up being office workers instead of writing more books, better movies aren’t made, no sequels, musicians break up or end up trying to cut an album on the sponsorship of a 1,000 loyal paying fans…

  4. Forgive me if I am wrong, but if people can’t wait until February, can’t they go to and buy the eArc? I so want to read the book, I think I will do that.

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