Wednesday Morning Advert & Intelligencer

. . .because I’ll be on the road on Thursday.

1.  Tom Piccirilli, prolific author in just about every genre you can think of, and that other one, too. . .Tom was last weekend diagnosed with brain cancer, and on Monday underwent extensive surgery to remove a golf-ball sized tumor.  Despite initial optimism, last night, Tom’s wife, Michelle, reported that the battle has only just been joined.  Tom will be receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments over the next couple weeks, and then. . .

I gather that the insurance situation is about what you’d expect — we’ve talked about creative folks and health insurance before, here — and another colleague provides the information that Michelle is going to have to quit her job in order to take care of Tom.

Tom’s sister-in-law has set up a fundraiser, hopefully to help Michelle and Tom cope with the oncoming tsunami of medical bills.  Here’s your link.  

Please help if you can; and please spread the word.  Thanks.

. . .

2.  Uncle Hugo’s is taking pre-orders for signed copies of the next Liaden book, Necessity’s Child.  Here’s your link.

2a.  Necessity’s Child is a Liaden Universe® novel taking place on the planet Surebleak.  It is NOT the sequel to Dragon Ship.   For an explanation of Why This Is So, please go here.

2b.  Baen recently purchased five Liaden Universe® books, as yet untitled, delivery dates still somewhat fluid, but beginning in 2013.  Those five books are your sequel to Dragon Ship.

You’re welcome.

3.  All fifteen existing Liaden novels are available as audiobooks, right here.    Also downloadable from that page — hour long free samples of the first book in each of the four sequences.

4.  For those looking to read Liaden short stories electronically, Pinbeam Books is your friend!

4a.  For those wishing to read the Liaden novels on the ereader of your choice, every single one of them — all 15! — are available directly from Baen Books, right here

4b.  You’ll want to keep a close eye on that link above, because the Necessity’s Child eArc ought to be making an appearance there in a matter of a few weeks.

5.  Today is the 24th anniversary of the Lee and Miller (with Archie, Arwen, and Brandee) arrival in Maine.  The state has yet to recover.

Here ends your Wednesday Morning Advert & Intelligencer.  Be well, and remember to hug the people you love.


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  1. I am really enjoying your books. Catching up on those I have missed. I have especially appreciated those revolving around Theo. I am glad to here that you have 5 more planned and will be looking for them.

    Thank you,

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