The to-do list, revisited

1.   Sign 1500 pages; mail to Baen no later than October 18 (in process)

2.  October 30:  Essay due at BenBella (in process)

3.  October 19 and 20:  Bangor Book Festival

4.  Somewhere Novemberish at a guess:  proof Necessity’s Child galleys

5. December 10:  Short story due at Baen

6.  Talk about words with Necessity’s Child narrator (which will be easy and fun and probably take no time at all, in the cosmic order of things)

6.  February 15, 2013:  Carousel Sun due at Baen (in process)

7.  February 15-17:  Boskone

8.   May 15:  Carousel Seas due at Baen

9.  July 15:  First of Five (working title) due at Baen

…the above, of course, only elucidates professional obligations.  It’s sorta refreshing not to see “do laundry,”  “vacuum,” “wash dishes,” “do taxes,” “get house ready to sell,” and the like on the list.  On the other hand, it’s not looking like there’s a lot of room for frivolities in that schedule.  Maybe it’s time to trade in the cabana boy for a wife.

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