Cold Ketchup

So I got home from Temp Headquarters, leapt back into real life, did a couple rounds of doctor appointments, realized we’re going to have to change the way we do things around here, one! more! time! and have put Stuff in motion.

Steve finished signing all 1500 of those sheets of paper referenced in the to-do list.  I’ve produced a first draft of the essay due at the end of the month, and passed that on to Steve for revision/rewrite, and made a start on signing.

Carousel Sun has not gained any new words.  For several days, I’ve been plagued with the feeling that the story was going to end before I was out of book, which isn’t normally a situation in which I find myself in re stories.  Today, as I was signing pages, I had a brain-flash, and saw how and where to open it up, thus bringing story and book into a more perfect alignment.

Which just goes to prove that doing something boring, over and over and over again, really is good for you.

Or not.

Somewhere in the last few days, Steve caught a Really Impressive Cold.  He’s suffering, poor guy, and ought to be resting more than he will.  Also, he’s generously shared it with me, and no, I’m not resting, either.  Have you seen the to-do list?

Happily, though, we have three cats doing our resting for us.  That’s collaboration!

And, now — back to signing.



One thought on “Cold Ketchup”

  1. Yeah, cats are REALLY good at resting. 😉 Except when they wake up and DEMAND to be petted. Pet, pest, pet!


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