What we’ve been doing, between stuff

Y’all know what Tuesday is, right?

…I can’t hear you…

Y’all know what Tuesday is, right?

Tuesday is Dragon Ship’s Book Day!

Yes.  Yes it is.

But do you know what else happens on Tuesday?

Besides, yanno, having to go back to work/school full-time forever and ever?

Lean close.

Tuesday is the day that every single Liaden Universe® novel ever committed — from Agent of Change to Dragon Ship! — will be released by Audible.com.

One of the more fun things we got to do lately was interview each of the four sequence narrators — Steve interviewed Kevin Collins and Eileen Stevens, and I interviewed Bernadette Dunne and Andy Caploe.

We’ll be posting those interviews — I’m talking high-class, audio interviews, now, done by people who know what they’re doing — on Korval.com between now and Monday night, as a sort of warm-up for the main celebrations, on Tuesday.

The first interview — Steve and Kevin — is up now, right here.


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