Link Salad Saturday

First, the esteemed Mr. Stephen Gould is giving away five ARCs of his next Jumper novel, Impulse.  You already know you wanna read this book when it comes in January, but how cool would it be to able to read it in. . .October?  Go here to find out how you can enter to win one of those five ARCs.

Jennifer Jackson (aka Madame the Agent) is giving away the complete set of Liaden omnibi published by Baen in celebration of the fact that she helped facilitate the sale of FIVE Liaden novels to Baen!  That contest ends tomorrow, so go here now!

Uncle Hugo’s is now taking pre-orders for signed copies of Necessity’s Child.  Here’s your link.

Today, I took off and viewed lighthouses.  A short account of the day is here.

Also?  New pictures at the Archers Beach Photo-Diary!

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