Breaking for lunch

So, I’ve written some, and taken an evening walk to shake up the brain cells.  I think I’ll have lunch now, rather than trying to remember to interrupt myself again, in an hour.

Miles on the day thus far:  5.  That’s pretty good.  It’s easier to walk in town.  I may have said that before.

Speaking of walking, and of cameras that run out of batteries at inopportune moments. . .

This morning, besides depriving me of a picture of Bo, who was certainly the single most photogenic thing I’ve seen in town so far, I lost the opportunity of. . .

A youngish, but no longer young woman, with longish and bedraggled too-blonde hair, wearing a pink OOB sweatshirt and shorts.  She’s at the sad beginning of a day following a bitter night, and she’s sitting on the  concrete ledge of a building at the end of a parking lot, huddled over her cigarette like it’s her last ray of hope.  Next to her on the wall of the building is a sign:  Dead End

. . .

On this evening’s walk, camera-less (Yes, yes, I could have taken the big camera, but it’s…big, and I can’t hold it steady anymore.  The little camera has shake control.), I passed a tree that has woven its roots in and threw through a stone wall that’s keeping a small hill from sliding across the sidewalk.  I’m going to have to walk that way again, with a camera; it was Absolutely Amazing.

…and with that, I’m getting that sandwich, and then I’m getting back to work.

I hope everybody has a good evening.

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