Birthday in review, and! Contest!

Thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes!  I had a pleasant day, with a nice long walk on the beach, did some writing, then went out to dinner with Steve, at Anjon’s overlooking the marsh, which is a lot better than it might sound.

This morning, we breakfasted at JJ’s (note to self: find recipe for sweet potato cakes; those things are good), walked on the beach and up into town, then Steve headed north, for home, and I walked back to Temp Headquarters.

Right now, the laundry’s doing, I have left-over manicotti on the menu for lunch, an afternoon walk on the beach, and 2,000 or so words on the computer on the to-do list.

At this point, I’m planning on partaking of a small part of Open Lighthouse Day on Saturday.  I will at least visit my old friend Bug Light, and perhaps Portland Head Light.  Not up for a lot of circular-stair climbing.

Now!  If you thought that yesterday’s celebration was all you were gonna get — you were wrong.  Madame the Agent — aka Jennifer Jackson of the Maass Agency — is doing some celebrating herself, as she ought, and she’s giving away a complete set of the Baen Liaden Universe® omnibi.  Rules and information here

Hope everyone is having a spectacular Wednesday!

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