The night before the morning of the day

So, a Carousel Tides t-shirt that I was holding for someone, because theirs hadn’t arrived, is now available.  (The original shirt had apparently taken the route through Timbuktu and Solcintra, but did finally, as of yesterday, arrive.) If anyone wants an XL Carousel Tides t-shirt, please write to me at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom.  The price is $19 for the shirt + $5 shipping = $24.

Today, I did chores. I also finished the book I’d been reading in-between things — Geisha, by Liza Dalby.  It’s an interesting book, put together as a series of vignettes, which shouldn’t work, but does; and makes for an easy in-between read.

After chores, I wrote!  New words, even!  According to my log, I haven’t written a word on Carousel Sun since…August 3 — the day of the Epic Flood.  How strange.

Speaking of the Flood and the aftermath thereto…tomorrow of course we host the plumbers and the flooring team.  For one halcyon hour, we also had the electrician scheduled for tomorrow, but he had a cancellation on Friday and moved us forward on the dance card.

Steve will actually be doing the lion’s share of contractor-hosting.  I have a long list of errands to run, after which I may retire to the cloistered corridors of the Winslow Public Library, with Ox, and perhaps do some of that writing stuff again.  I should also see if the signal is strong enough at the library to allow my cellphone to function.  If so, it may be advertant to ask the librarian for use of a private room on Tuesday morning, so I can conduct my interview from a relatively quiet location.

*note to self:  take cellphone receiver*

And so we start the last week of summer. . .

Progress on Carousel Sun
20,223/100,000  OR 20.22% Complete

I’d ridden the kick into a spin, now I straightened, staring up into a wholesome round face that was at the moment wearing an expression more pained than pleasant.

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