Freelance math and Saturday chores

This morning’s mail brings the delivery money for “Landed Alien.”  After deducting 33% for taxes , there’s enough left over to pay the plumber’s bill for the timely rescue on August 3, which invoice also arrived today.  That’s what we call your perfect timing.

In other news, the laundry’s doing, I have chicken marinating for this afternoon’s stir-fry, and I think I heard the dirty dishes muttering the opening lines of  the “Wreck of the Hesperus” a little while ago, so…better deal with that rsn.

Still lookin’ for a home, one (used) but perfectly wearable size MEDIUM t-shirt from BaltiCon 43, art by Kurt Miller. If you can use this t-shirt please write to me and let’s work something out*
*”work something out” means that I’m open to barter or trade. It also means that I am willing to mail you (or a party designated by you) the t-shirt because you (or they) will enjoy it and/or get use out of it.  In the latter case, I will ask you to reimburse the postage.

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