Today’s flavor is Melted Coon Cat

Wow, it got hot today (for Maine values &c).  I saw 93F/34C on the thermometer and thereafter averted my eyes.

I spent a good part of the afternoon on the couch, as threatened in these pages yesterday, and managed 1,810 words in the right direction.  Unfortunately, those words only advanced the manuscript by 1,210 words, because I had to rip a previously-written 600 words out by their roots.

Well, still, forward motion is forward motion.  I think that writing about Real Life, like we like to call it, is more difficult (for me) because there’s a fine line between too much explanation (boring the reader) and not enough explanation (confusing the reader).  The Liaden stories have always had a kind of “catch me if you can” attitude to them, which the Archers Beach stories can’t support.

Since I was writing on Number Ten Ox from the comfort of the couch, I have discovered a few more inexplicable crotchets.  For instance, the Firefox installed on Ox has taken it into its punkin’ haid that googlemail and gmail are both Dangerous Sites and will not allow me to check my gmail, nohow, no way.  I downloaded Chrome in order to be able to do that, but honestly?  Where did that come from?

Also, I still don’t seem to have configured Thunderbird correctly on Ox.  Trying to figure that out will be my reward for having been a good and productive writer today.

Here at the Confusion Factory, we do not stint on rewards.

I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print — well, no.  I see I have neglected to report that Mozart and Socks have together stretched out as far as they will go, bellies up to receive the cool-ish air generated by the tower fan in the living room.  Let me tell ya, them guys ain’t dumb. . .

Progress on Carousel Sun
5,152/100,000 OR 5.15% complete

In 1978, a nor’easter chewed up the World Famous Archers Beach Pier and spat it out like so many toothpicks.

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