The entire known universe floats suspended in a thin silver bowl

Not much to see here.

This morning, before noodling off to gym, I talked to the narrator of the Theo books about Saltation, which she’ll begin recording next week, having just finished Fledgling.

In related news, it would seem that all 15 Liaden novels will be released from Audible on. . .September 4.  Wow.  That’s going to make quite a splash.

Later in the day, I started a list of Who’s Who in Archers Beach, also known as the Carousel Sun Weird Word and Name List.  Should’ve done that first thing, but I got involved with making sure I had Fun Country’s Season schedule right.

So, like I said, really not much happening here — and tomorrow’s looking to be more of the same, though I do need to bake bread.

Hope everybody’s having a relaxing time of it.

Progress on Carousel Sun
8,060/100,000 OR 8.06% complete

It was a strange and fierce place, Googin Rock, though less strange than it had been, weeks ago. Magic again. And, yeah, I was in it to my elbows.


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