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Asyouknowbob, the mass market paperback edition of Ghost Ship will ship on July 31 (Hey, that’s Steve’s birthday!  And also?  Next Tuesday!).

Now, I know that lots of people read Ghost Ship a thousand years ago, internet-time, as an eArc, and still more snabbled it up in hardcover last August.  However, there are some people who wait for the mass market, and my further remarks are mostly for them — though all you early adopters can listen in, if you want.

There is some prep work for Ghost Ship.  It’s not necessary prep — if you’ve been following along the novels, you’ll do just fine moving from Saltation to Ghost Ship.  However, there are a couple short stories that may deepen your enjoyment — or at least your understanding of certain events touched on in the novel.  And, with a whole week left before your book ships, these morsels might soothe your hunger pangs.

The prep stories are:  Hidden Resources, Moon on the Hill, Prodigal Son, and (to a lesser degree) Fighting Chance.  These four stories are available, DRM-free, and in the format of your choice, in echapbooks Halfling Moon, and Allies.

Here are your links:

Allies: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® No. 12
Includes: “Fighting Chance,” and “Prodigal Son”
|Kindle| |Nook| |Smashwords|

Halfling Moon: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® No. 16
Includes: “Hidden Resources,” and “Moon on the Hill”
|Kindle| |Nook| |Smashwords|

Edited to Add:

Steve points out that Intelligent Design may also be of interest.  Your links are below:

Legacy Systems: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® No. 19
Includes novelettes “Intelligent Design,” and “The Space at Tinsori Light”
|Kindle| |Nook| |Smashwords|

And, here’s a link to Pinbeam Books, in case you’d like to check out the other chapbooks and audiobook on offer.


2 thoughts on “Ghost Ship Prep”

  1. Any chance of there being a unibus release of adventures 13-18 (or whatever range makes sense) soon?

    (I notice Baen still lists SRM as being the publisher of the unibus volumes, by the way, and they have a page for SRM with a broken link to

  2. Baen will be publishing two collections, which will include the Adventures in the Liaden Universe(R) chapbooks 1-17. I’m not sure when those will be published.

    Broken links on the Baen site need to be reported to the Baen webmaster, thanks.

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