Progress and Regression, with a side of Goofing Off

So, Steve and I got up at a Very Early Hour and drove to Blue Hill, where we spent a delightful hour with Ellie O’Leary, talking about science fiction and fantasy, and reading — Steve, from Fledgling, and me, from Carousel Tides. Those who could not hear the show, by reason of living in another hemisphere or something of that nature, may, tomorrow, we’re told, listen to an archive here.

We should of course after our interview gone directly home and gotten to work, but who thinks we did that? No, we continued down the bright blue and breezy day through the town of Blue Hill, across the Deer Isle Bridge, that spans Eggemoggin Reach (don’t you just love Eggemoggin Reach?), and drove down into Stonington, where explorations and research were had, and where we made the acquaintance of equine artist Penelope Plumb, a delightful lady who presides over a marvelous art barn on Sand Beach Road. The next time you’re in Stonington, stop by and introduce yourself.

Having explored and researched and socialized, we headed in a home-ish direction, stopping at Belfast to take on lunch at Delvino’s (cream of carrot soup to die for! I’m not kidding. It’s worth the trip for lunch, I don’t care where you live), and a visit with Belfast Bay, then headed back to the metropolis of Waterville for groceries. Sadly, we passed the scene of a. . .rather horrifying accident at the intersection of the Ridge Road and the China Road, which combined swathes of police, firefighters and EMTs were still working to clean up.

Rather shaken, we continued with our plans, took on groceries, came home by a different route and arrived home to find that two things had occurred!

One, Mr. Feldberg at Audible had written with the names and email addresses of the four narrators for the Liaden sequences. Lists were immediately sent to all four — so you see, we put your work to good use immediately! I’ll be talking to narrators over the next while, pronouncing Weird Words.

The second thing that happened was that, when I opened the Blog Without a Name, I got a note that an update to WordPress was available, which I accepted — and which seems to have stripped me of my ability to post there. I have a blank blue box where the New Post page ought to be, and a “move” tool, but nothing else. So! No updates to Sharon Lee, Writer until there’s a new patch for WordPress, I guess. Maybe tomorrow I’ll figure out a way to actually tell people that on the site.

The WordPress tragedy aside, it was an enjoyable and invigorating day, and yes — tomorrow we’ll work.


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