New Story at Splinter Universe

Steve and I have been ignoring Splinter Universe as we took care of some other things, professional and private, that had kind of gotten piled up.

We’re still super busy, and can’t promise a story every week, or even every month, but! we couldn’t let the Summer Solstice go by without giving y’all a beach story.

This one’s set in Surfside, the next town up from Archers Beach, familiar to those of you who’ve read Carousel Tides* — and every word is absolutely true!

Of course.

Here’s your link to Emancipated Child.

Enjoy! And if you like the story, please consider donating by clicking the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.

–Sharon Lee, June 20, 2012

*If you haven’t read Carousel Tides, but would like to, it’s available in mass market paperback and in trade paper from your favorite local bookstore, from Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and in the ebook format of your choice directly from the publisher, Baen Books.

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