Carousel Tides t-shirt!

You thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you?

Many thanks to Pat Reuss and to Vincent, we have art!

And, thanks to Black Dog Designs, we have a mock-up of the shirt!

The color of the shirt is subject to change (I’m still thinking cotton-candy colors — pink, light blue, light green), and there are a couple other details that need to be nailed down — such as cost, sizing, print run, how many colors we can do — but this is the general idea.

So, the question:  Would you — yes, you — purchase this t-shirt?

Edited to add:  Mock-up of t-shirt with large logo on back, title and author’s name on front.  Same rules as above.

Edited Again to add: There’s some talk over at the Eagles Over the Kennebec section of this discussion about having the title and author’s name in a ribbon (on a ribbon? as a ribbon?). Obviously, I’m not very clear what this means, and even if I knew, it’s unlikely I could produce whatever-it-is. Which means? The only way there’s a ribbon is if someone makes it and donates the art to the cause. If someone wishes to attempt this, do mind the font on the graphic — and do a close match, thanks.

One thought on “Carousel Tides t-shirt!”

  1. I would definitely purchase this shirt! I will also throw my vote in for the cotton candy colors.

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