The eternal Thompson gunner still wanders through the night

So, one doctor visit, numerous phone calls, and two reviews later! The insurance will graciously allow Steve to have a diagnostic echocardiogram. Damned big of the insurance company, says I, and we’re having that done tomorrow morning early, before the mail can deliver yet another form letter, this one saying that they’ve changed their mind.

In other news, it’s damp and chilly; the zombies in charge of the Maine state government are set to pass a budget that will defund Headstart, slash MediCare funding, and gut prescription drug assistance for the elderly. The zombies will of course be making massive donations from their own bank accounts to those private sector organizations that already serve these communities, so that those in need of education and health care will not unduly suffer.

*cue laugh track*

In the broader apocalypse, Yet Another Idiot Republican is sponsoring Yet Another Idiot Idea — this one an amendment to the United State’s Census Bureau’s budget, forbidding the agency from conducting the American Community Survey, calling it “an unconstitutional breach of privacy.” A link to the data generated by this same survey can be found on YAIR’s website, because the data generated by the American Community Survey is an important tool for businesses that are trying to determine if a particular community is a good match for their business.

The stupid — the meanness — it is too much, and I am weary.

*Deep breath*

*Another deep breath*

Pursuant to our conversation of a couple days ago, it turns out that what people read really does influence them in real life. Who knew, right? Here’s the article.

Also, Teh Intertubes, which has fostered in us all a fevered need for instant gratification, is forcing some writers to write more in order to maintain their standard of living. Here’s the article. I’m not sure exactly where the one novel a year measure comes from, myself. It was said to me when I first started publishing, ‘way back in the Paleolithic, that “one novel a year was a career, but three novels a year was a living.”

And, ending on a high note, here, the Maine Marriage Equality movement got a nice boost in funding.

That’s all I have, so I’m going to go brood, now.

No, wait — I’m not.

I’m going to go finish writing a short story.

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