In which victory attends us

Got the September sublet in Archers Beach Old Orchard Beach. YAY!

The garage had originally quoted a price to replace the muffler just one point south of Five Bills, but! When I got to the shop to pick up Binjali (two minutes shy of closing time, thanks to Steve’s expert driving and knowledge of back roads), the bill was for half of that, because the front pipe was able to be re-used. YAY!

OTOH, Binjali failed inspection. Needs to get outfitted with a new pair of back tires inside of two weeks, and try again. Sigh.

On the way home from The South, we stopped at Target and scored chairs for the new, covered deck, on sale! YAY!

Came home and watched Tin-Tin, which was just a touch slow in the middle, but enjoyable overall, so — YAY!

Which makes four YAYs and one Sigh; according to our Rating System — a Very Good Day.

Today is catch-up-on-all-kinds-of-crazy-things day, including a blog post about writing stuff.

See you later.

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