In Which Time. . .Drives

Steve’s Clock needs to visit the clockmaker for a cleaning and a refrib. We have a tutoring gig in the same direction, so we can — and shall — combine errands, expecting a late return to the Cat Farm.

In the meantime, I’m half-way through the Ghost Ship galleys, and expect to finish that up on the weekend.  I still hope to be able to do the final pass through “Emancipated Child” before we leave for ConQuesT (good ghod, that’s next week!), where we’re looking forward to seeing you, and you, and. . .you!

In other news, I’ve been using Thunderbird for many years with no trouble and minimum irritation, but this new upgrade (12.0.1) can’t seem to learn what’s spam.  I spend what at least feels like a lot of time daily cleaning sugar daddy solicitations, offers of loans, and certified cures for bedbugs (are your bedbugs feeling low? ) out of my inbox, and getting more and more annoyed.  Is the level of spam up that much, or is Thunderbird not as smart as it used to be?

Speaking of mail, the snailmail just came in.  With all the exciting things that are due in to the Confusion Factory by mail, you’d think the mailperson could do a little better than a catalog and an advertiser.  Please try harder, mailperson!

Fans of Silversocks will be pleased to know that he did receive his rabies shot yesterday, and that he has gained back the weight he lost while his teeth were bothering him so much.  The vet would like to see him pack on another two or three pounds, and to that end we’ll continue to feed him up on wet food in addition to the Crunchies Ordinaire.  He’s still sniffly, and has a new round of antibiotics to take, but in general is very much improved.

…I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print.  It’s a positively gorgeous day, tree assassins notwithstanding, and we anticipate a pleasant drive to our appointments.

Hope everyone is having as stress-free a day as possible.


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