Weird Word Project – Saturday Edition

I’m sorry I’ve been quite so scarce — had a small dose of Life here at the Confusion Factory.

However! While I was goofing off, the Word Wranglers were hard at work. Go, Word Wranglers!

Here’s where we stand. Please check the lists below; if you have sent in your list and I haven’t included it, please drop me a note at rolanniATgmailDOTcom. Thanks!

I have received completed lists for the following novels:
Agent of Change, jessie_c
Saltation, micheledear
Scout’s Progress, sb_moof
Ghost Ship, Alon Ziv
Crystal Soldier, redpimpernel
Local Custom, eoma_p
Mouse and Dragon, eoma_p
Local Custom, Deborah Fishburn
Fledgling, marniferous

I have received a partial list for the following novel:
Crystal Dragon, capricchio

The following titles are (or, in the case of Dragon Ship, will be) in the hands of Wranglers:
Crystal Dragon (partial), capricchio
Carpe Diem, Deborah Fishburn
Conflict of Honors, silverdragonma
Balance of Trade, Elaine Bushore Fisher
Plan B, Jennifer Briggs
Dragon Ship, Alon Ziv
I Dare, spiritdance

I have emailed, but have not heard back from, the editor of the audio editions, asking if he has deadlines, and which words lists he would prefer to have first.

Thank you all for your very capable help on this project!

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