Weird Word Project
I have received completed lists for the following novels:
Agent of Change, jessie_c
Saltation, micheledear
Scout’s Progress, sb_moof
Ghost Ship, Alon Ziv
Crystal Soldier, redpimpernel
Local Custom, eoma_p

The following titles are (or, in the case of Dragon Ship, will be) in the hands of Wranglers:
Crystal Dragon — capricchio
Fledgling — marniferous
Carpe Diem, Local Custom — Deborah Fishburn
Conflict of Honors — silverdragonma
Mouse and Dragon — eoma_p
Balance of Trade — Elaine Bushore Fisher
Plan B — Jennifer Briggs
Dragon Ship — Alon Ziv
I Dare, spiritdance

Progress: Short Story Collections:
I have finished compiling the first volume, which includes all of the stories included Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Numbers 1-8, and Calamity’s Child. Still needed: Authors’ Forward; title.

Progress: Interview:
All finished and sent in. I’ll let y’all know when it’s online.

Progress: New Tech:
The new Acer ultrabook is very nice; I made recovery DVDs; weeded out the stupidest of the pre-installed programs; used Explorer for its One Purpose in Life — downloading Firefox; downloaded and installed LibreOffice; Thunderbird; Eset; and synced my bookmarks and passwords across Firefoxen. I installed a pleasant desktop photo. I still need to make templates in LibreOffice, but, really, we’re just about ready for prime time, here. The ultrabook rejoices in the name Number Ten Ox, and has received the Coon Cat Cheek Rub of Approval from both Mozart, who is a keen judge of processors, and Socks.

The coffeepot is a joy and a marvel. Coffee for everybody!

Planning, ahead:
Tomorrow, a foreword! And a title, too, dern it. Then, on to compiling Volume Two.

I really need to finish putting my room in order. No, really.

Need to post a want ad.

And I need to get in touch with a guy about a t-shirt.

Planning, tonight:
I’m going to retire to the couch with a glass of wine, a novel that I didn’t write, and quite possibly a cat or two.


One thought on “Updatery”

  1. “I’m going to retire to the couch with a glass of wine, a novel that I didn’t write, and quite possibly a cat or two.”

    Do you mean that it would be possible to retire to the couch WITHOUT a cat or two? 😉 If so, then you have VERY unusual cats.


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