I love Paris in the springtime; I love Paris in the fall

Artists in the news:
A must-read for anyone who is an artist, loves an artist, or who doesn’t understand why artists just don’t Work Hard so They Can Make More Money.

Office clean-up:
My office is habitable again. Turning in two books essentially back-to-back, finishing up the income taxes, attending two conventions, and with the complicating circumstance of a sprained ankle meant that the Creative Clutter had reached such a pitch I simply couldn’t work. Great swathes of chaos make me ill — an artifact of Extreme Virgo-ism — and it’s hard to write when you’re feeling off-center and nauseous.

But! It’s All Good, now. There are a couple of small piles, all of which have to do with open and on-going projects, and all of the filing is done. I threw away a lot of stuff. Without a doubt, I threw away things that might have been Of Interest to the scholars who, in future, will inevitably Study Our Work — but I can think again, and I don’t hate coming into my office, so — fair trade.

Projects on the move:
I’ve finished compiling the first volume of Liaden Universe® short stories and written an Authors’ Foreword. Up next, compiling the second volume, while simultaneously pulling together some proposals. When all that’s out of my way, I’ll commence in with writing the next Carousel book.

Steve has the story that will eventually — August? — appear on the front page of the Baen website on his plate, and also Trade Secrets.

We’ll also need to find time to record the lists of Weird Words — a post regarding which is upcoming.

Fans of Mozart take note:
He is now wearing his summer shorts. Photos forthcoming.

Fans of Socks take note:
Socks is now home from the vet, where seven teeth were extracted, and his sinuses flushed. He is, as indeed I would be in his place, sitting under the kitchen table. Still a little groggy, and not up to talking to anyone, which is perfectly understandable, but the vet says he came through the ordeal like a trooper.

Fans of Scrabble take note:
She sleeps with the heffalumps. The Floofy Grey Things with their ridikulus skirts, and their ‘waybigfurryfeet, and their drama don’t really fall under her job description, after all.

The Day of the Authors:
We were up early to deliver Socks to the vet, then went crosstown to the Best Western for breakfast. After that, we came home, and I finished up the last of the checkbook reconciliation (three! months! of checkbooks to balance), then we packed up Number Ten Ox and went in-town for lunch at Selah Tea (tomato-basil soup with a mini-quiche, iced monk’s head tea, and a molasses cookie, mmmm…), and to do a test run of Ox’s network-finding, internet cruising, and word-processing-in-public-places functions. Aces on all, and I hereby note that Ox is more powerful — and has more memory — than my desktop.

Atmospheric Note: Selah Tea plays big band and classic jazz, hence the title of today’s post.

Progress on Semi-Sekrit Project:
At his suggestion, today I called the guy who can probably solve my problem for me quickly, and reasonably. He fobs me off with a request to call him Wednesday. Or Thursday. Grrr.

Weather Report:
It’s raining like a sonofagun and has been all day.

Strange Internet Holidays, Today is One:
Today is International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day. Splinter Universe, and the crowd-sourcing of Fledgling and Saltation land us firmly in the Technopeasant ranks.

The Evening of the Authors:
Having goofed all day, it’s now time to get to work.

One thought on “I love Paris in the springtime; I love Paris in the fall”

  1. You cannot frighten me with three months of checks to reconcile. I did twelve months of them before doing my taxes. (I only needed to do nine months, but when you’re on a roll, you should keep rolling…)

    Congrats on the cleanup, and glad the furry ones and you two are doing well!

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