Books Read in 2012

Unbroken, Rachel Caine
The Talisman Ring, Georgette Heyer (read aloud w/Steve)
Sylvester / OR, The Wicked Uncle, Georgette Heyer (read aloud w/Steve)
Death and Resurrection, R. A. MacAvoy
The Unknown Ajax, Georgette Heyer (read aloud w/Steve)
Black Sheep, Georgette Heyer (read aloud w/Steve)
Stealing the Elf-King’s Roses, Diane Duane (e)
The Reluctant Widow, Georgette Heyer (read aloud w/Steve)
Friday’s Child, Georgette Heyer (read aloud w/Steve)
Dragon Ship manuscript, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (e)
Kim, Rudyard Kipling (e)
Regency Buck, Georgette Heyer (read aloud w/Steve)
Pollyanna, Eleanor H. Porter (e)
Chimera, Rob Thurman (e)

One thought on “Books Read in 2012”

  1. Hi Sharon, There’s a typo in “Intelligent Design,” a story in LEGACY SYSTEMS that your proofreader didn’t catch. At least it wasn’t caught in my kindle version. It’s the scene where Shan is cautioning Val Con to always check the duty schedule before he does anything else. The word used was council where perhaps counsel was meant. Rob and I have been following your stories ever since AGENT OF CHANGE. Thanks for many happy hours of reading! I am writing this using my Kindle Touch. A snail with sore feet could walk faster than I can write with this touch screen! Wishing you a week of writing where words and scenes just flow. Rob and Barbara Mathews

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