Give yourselves a hand

A check in the amount of $150 has just been mailed to Planned Parenthood, earmarked for breast cancer screening. This amount represents 75 copies sold during February 2012 of the eChapbook, “The Cat’s Job.”

Thank you all for your support!

3 thoughts on “Give yourselves a hand”

  1. I have a question not actually related to the above topic.

    I recently purchased a smart phone on which Amazon Kindle resides. I have been moving some of the (few) ebooks from my “Kindle for PC” account onto the smartphone. I also purchased “The Day They Brought the Bears to Belfast” this AM. This brought up an interesting thought.

    Would it be more beneficial to you (and Steve) for me to purchase eBooks thru my Amazon account or Smashwords? or does it not make a difference?

    Susan in Orlando

  2. Actually, it sort-of has a bearing on the top-post.

    Smashwords pays the largest percentage of the sale price to the authors — $2.21 +/- for a $2.99 book as opposed to Amazon’s $1.97 (except sometimes less, and sometimes Amazon Just Decides to sell your book for less than cover, Because It Can) and BN’s (pretty stable) $1.94.

  3. Then, I will try to set up a Smashwords account – if I can navagate how to download to my smart phone. I just got the phone and even though I consider myself fairly computer literate, it is going to take a bit of time to adjust to it. However, it is great for doing light reading while waiting for someone or something to arrive.

    I plan to load the all the Chapbooks on it sooner or later as I get the funds. Right now, I am am saving for the eARC of Dragon Ship and of course I placed an order at Uncle Hugos.


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