Dashing off in all directions at once

So, that’s done.

No, don’t get all excited; what I mean to say is — “All righty, then!  I am now in a position to seriously take a red pen to the last hunnert-twenty-six pages of the manuscript.”  These pages still include two spots that read

* * *


* * *

. . .but we’re in overall good shape, by which I mean, on schedule to turn in the final manuscript on March 31.

Oh, I also need to write the Epilogue, but I can’t actually do that until I’ve really, seriously got everything in these last few pages nailed down flat.

In the office next door, Steve is chomping away at the revisions for Dragon Ship; behind me, Mozart is snoring in the corner by the file cabinet, and Scrabble is on bird-watch in the kitchen.

Bidness as usual here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.

For those keeping score at home, here is the present state of the To-Do List.

1.  Turn in Necessity’s Child — March 31
2.  Go to Meriden for Socks — April 1
3.  Talk at Rockland, Maine Public Library — April 5 (6:30 p.m.)
4Dragon Ship revisions due at Baen — April 15
5.  Turn in novel proposals (3) to Madame the Editor — April 23
6.  ConQuesT — May 25-27
7.  Interview at WERU Writers Forum with Joan Clemens & Ellie O’Leary, June 14, 10 a.m.
8.  Turn in short story to Baen — July 1
9.  Turn in Trade Secret — July 15
10.  Figure out the Liaden audible lexicon
11.  Convert Barnburner and Gunshy into ebooks
12.  Feasibility study:  remodel bathroom
13. Pie in the Sky: Vacation — Septemberish

Progress on Necessity’s Child (tbfkaG)
109,369/100,000 words OR 109% complete

“Your sister asserts that your tutor was not kind.  I wonder why she said so.”

. . .and as I finish this entry up and glance out the window. . .Yes, it is snowing. . .

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