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Steve has been busy while I’ve been vacationing on sunny Surebleak. He’s put up four new auctions at eBay. SRM Publisher is closing at the end of this month and this is the last of the specialty stock in hand. Once these are gone, they’re gone forever.

Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of Liaden Universe® Companion Number One. Very Rare. Ends March 27.  Auction here

Hardcover edition of Liaden Universe Companion® Number One.  Ends March 27.   Auction here

Mass Market edition of Liaden Universe Companion® Number One.  Ends March 27.  Auction here

The very last hardcover of Partners in Necessity, absent our personal copies and the copy on the Brag Shelf.  Ends March 29.  Auction here

Regarding that vacation in Surebleak, with luck and a tailwind, I’ll have a finished book by the end of the day tomorrow.  By which I mean I still have to go over the last …hundred pages with a red pen, but!  We’re getting really, really close.  So!  Wish me luck and a tailwind, why not — and I’ll wish the same for you.

Progress on Necessity’s Child (tbfkaG)
102,623/100,000 words OR 102.6% complete

“They are cards,” she said; “they know nothing. Just like gadje know nothing.”

2 thoughts on “Auction news”

  1. Here’s wising you both luck and tailwind! May the writing fall sway to the merciless Red Pen!

  2. Mind, I don’t think I am *usually* slow in the uptake, but I thought you had used the words in another context (gadje, kompani). Now I’m sure there are true gypsies in a Lianden story and I’m literaly DYING to know how they ended in Surebleak and what will be the role of them. Romany entangled with a family with a bunch of Lianden dramliz? Oh, my…

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