Somebody get the ducks something to eat

…so they’ll stop nibbling me.

Got to the gym, did exercise, came home, iced ankle, put out some minor fires, and spent a lot of time staring at the screen.  Words finally appeared; I wanted more, but Words are good, and I’m still easing my way back into the narrative.  Different story than Dragon Ship; and very different characters.

On the health front, Steve is on the mend, which means his cold is worse, of course, though English would have it that his cold is better.  Silly language.

Oh, and hey!  The up-front money for the German editions of I Dare arrived today.  Yay! for checks in the mail.

Adverts and self-promotion follow.  You have been warned.

Remember that we’ll be donating the proceeds of February sales of the eChapbook The Cat’s Job to Planned Parenthood, for breast cancer screening.  The full story, with links, is here.  So far, donations total $120.17.  Thanks to everyone for their support.

Also!  It’s not too late to participate in the SFSite’s Reader Poll for the Best Novel of 2011.  Here’s the linkGhost Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller was published in August 2011.  Just sayin’.

Also, also!  The Locus 2011 poll about everything SFnal is here.  You do not need to be a subscriber to vote.  You do not need to choose from the titles Locus has helpfully provided from their own reviewers’ lists of Best Books of the year; there are ample blank spaces provided for write-in votes.  Please only vote once, and please be truthful about your gender.  Here’s a list of eligible Lee-and-Miller, and Miller, work, just to help you with your decision-making.

And!  Last also — the Hugo Award Nominations are now open.  If you were an attending member of RenoVation last year, or are a supporting/attending member of Chicon this year, you may nominate works for the final ballot.  If you want to play, here’s the link .  That list of eligible Lee-and-Miller, and Miller, works, above, is going to be handy, here, too.


Progress on Necessity’s Child
(the book formerly known as George)

71,858/100,000 words OR 71.86% complete

“Oh, if it is something your grandmother has said I can’t know, I don’t mind,” he said. “There are House secrets, after all. It must be very difficult to remember which House you are in.”

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