I’d like to buy the world a Coke, and keep it company

All righty then. I’ve finished the fixing of the first seven-tenths of Necessity’s Child including several (small, tiny) structural changes and writing a couple scenes, and deleting/shortening a buncha scenes (which, OK, is structural, too). The characters are all where they should be, physically, emotionally, and mentally by this stage in the narrative, and we’re ready to motor on.

Hear that, brain?

Most of the changes were in the service of making elapsed time seem long enough to the reader without actually having to tell every. single. thing. This is key, because I’m following three POV characters, who start off in very different places, and who need to all meet at the corner of Twenty-Sixth and Elm at ten o’clock on Saturday the eighth in order for the rest of the story to go forward as it should. Since all that’s straightened out now, we’re ready to motor on.

Ahem. Brain?


Next on my schedule is packing for Boskone. We’ll be on the train tomorrow afternoon, having handed off the keys and the cats to the housesitter. Those in the area, do stop by Pandemonium Books tomorrow — that’s Thursday! — evening from 7 to 9 p.m. We’d really like to see you.

In other news, it looks like I’ll be reading “Tinsori Light” (or as far into “Tinsori Light” as I can get in twenty minutes) at my session on Saturday morning. Since Steve’s reading follows mine (same time, same place), and since we are scheduled against the Baen Traveling Slideshow, the plan is for Steve to go to the Slideshow at 10 and return in time for his reading, whereupon I will go and do likewise.

I will be but lightly casted this weekend — the bladder cast, augmented by a stick. I will not be running any races, mind you, but I will be much more personally mobile than I was in Chattanooga.

Those who are coming to Boskone, remember the Friends of Liad Breakfast at 8 a.m. on Saturday in Saucity, which is inside the hotel. Saturday’s a busy day for us at the con, so we want to get an early start in the hopes that we can lull it into a false sense of security, hit it over the head, and riffle its pockets for cantra pieces.

And now, despite the fact that Mozart is emitting sleep rays at a dern near toxic level, I’m going to go pack. If you’re coming to Boskone, I hope to see you there! If you’re not coming to Boskone, I hope you have a fun-filled weekend planned!

Progress on Necessity’s Child
(the book formerly known as George)

70,069/100,000 words OR 70% complete

“I don’t like that boy,” she said.

“Which one?”

“The new one — Luce.” She thought. “Or Pete.”

He grinned. “But they seem to like each other.”

“I don’t like that either.” 

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