Gonna be a cold one

The weatherbeans are calling for minus 1F (-18C) tonight, which I think is as cold as it’s been all winter. Fierce wind blowing, too.

*cue WC Fields*

So, the redlining is over. Tomorrow, I need to make the changes in the manuscript. I did take a slightly wrong turn at the very end of the pages I have written, so I’ll be fixing that, and then zooming on toward the finish line.

Uh, yeah.

In other news, The Galveston Daily News reviews Carousel Tides, and Steve is proposing a fun new project for Splinter Universe. His Facebook post is reproduced below, for those who don’t FB:

Coming attractions …

I have, these last few days, been going over a curiosity we may be sharing on Splinter Universe starting in a day or two — and possibly stretching out over a couple weeks.

To explain —

We’ve discovered some old “exercises” of mine that grew into a number of strands of a story that never quite got finished, and for good cause. If I recall the period properly I’d been working on this when my job got crazy and I’d ended up working 10 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for some months. That ended when I had back problems so bad I spent over a week flat on my back with muscle relaxants making motion possible ….

And what I was fiddling with was Miri, and Ichliad Brunner, and Klamath. The pages we have are, alas, not exactly numbered — and there were tries and retries, and angles. At this distance I can’t recall which were first and second ….

So my idea is that I’ll scan the apparent strands in, one by one, and post the strands on Splinter Universe, and we can all take a look (perhaps you more than me since I also have Jethri on the line) and see if we can work out what might have been the proper story line … and who knows, maybe we’ll see if something more should be done with what’s there, given that, in effect, we’ve already finished some of the story through the joys of Misfits.

If you want to know what a work in progress can look like from the wrong side of the lens, this will be your chance, assuming anyone is interested.

How say ye?

Everybody stay warm.

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