Five things make a post, the discount edition

1.  Mr. Blyly at Uncle Hugo’s reports that, of the 400 signed editions of Dragon Ship assigned to his care, 225 were placed in the first 48 hours of the pre-order period.  This leaves only ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE (175) books left for adoption.  If you were planning on pre-ordering a signed edition of Lee-and-Miller’s Dragon Ship, the exciting! follow-on to Ghost Ship — you really do need to act with alacrity.
Here’s the link to the Rules of Pre-ordering
Here’s the link to PRE-ORDER NOW

2.  We have thus far collected, through February sales of The Cat’s Job, $135.93 in donations to Planned Parenthood for their breast cancer screening program.  Thank you all for your generosity.  For those coming in late, here’s the original post for this fund-raiser, which runs through Leap Day, Wednesday, February 29

3.  Judy Tarr, writing as Judith Tarr, author of manymany fine books, as you don’t need me to tell you, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the second draft and the artwork for her novel Living in Threes.  For a five-buck buy-in supporters will receive an ebook edition of the completed work.  Judy was asking for a paltry $3,500 to fund this project, and she only lacks $1,290 to hit her goal, three days into the campaign.  This?  Is where the fun starts.  I wonder how high over the goal this project will leap.  Go on over and give Judy a boost, why not?  Here’s the link.

4.  I? Scrod the ankle yesterday and so today I’ll be writing from the couch, on The Leewit.  I’ll be checking in from time to time, so tell me something cool in comments, to help take my mind off my troubles.  In the meantime — fascinating stuff in the reading thread!

5.  What?  It’s the discount edition.

One thought on “Five things make a post, the discount edition”

  1. Wow Sharon, you really need to tell that ankle to stop that!

    In the meantime, I suppose that means you might have time for an extra online seminar for a break while Steve wrangles the ‘kids.’ One of my doctors launches a new book tomorrow and he’s giving an online preview/chat tonight 8 pm eastern. If you’re interested, I think the new medical insights are pretty cool!

    You can check it out at, go to the tab titled “Livestream” under the picture on the left. You can also go to and watch on the channel there.

    I also just finished the ebook The Courtesan (scifi) and found it a rollicking fun read

    Best wishes for your quick recovery!

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