Excitin’ doin’s are doin’

It snowed overnight. About four inches of white glop. I got the snow off the steps and off the windshields of the cars, hoping Mama Nature will do the rest. Yep, still afraid of falling. But that’s not what’s exciting.

What’s exciting is that our Moshi arrived today! Yes, we now have a voice-activated travel alarm. Here’s one. It’s cute! And it can understand my speech, as all-too-many voice recognition thingies cannot. Already I want six more of them, to keep this one company.

Mr. Byly at Uncle Hugo’s writes with the following exciting news regarding Dragon Ship preorders: In less than 24 hours we’ve already received 151 individual orders that included 168 signed copies of Dragon Ship. . .

For those who missed the announcement yesterday, here it is.

Remember! Uncle Hugo’s will only have 400 autographed copies — 168 of those have already found homes, leaving a mere! 232 copies in need of adoption. You do not want to let procrastination takes its course in this instance. Really. You wanna make like a Type A, click THIS LINK and pre-order your very own signed copy of Dragon Ship right now!

Continuing with our theme of Excitin’ doin’s, Judy Tarr (aka Judith Tarr) has just, err, kicked a Kickstarter campaign into motion. Judy is looking to raise $3500, which will enable her to do the final draft of her new novel Three Lives, pay for cover art and make it available for sale. Five bucks gets you an ecopy of the final novel, which is so absurdly cheap I don’t know why you’re still standing there looking at me. Oh, you want a link? Here you go.

I think that’s all the excitin’ doin’s I can talk about right now. There is, I hasten to assure you, All Manner of excitement roiling around behind the curtain, but I can’t tell you about them until various eyes and tees have all been taken care of. So, yanno, Watch The Skies.

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