In the office today

Today is catching-up-with-paperwork day.  I’ve got things to mail, forms to fill, more forms to fill, and emails to answer.  The first session has been completed, and I’m taking a coffee-and-blog break before I dive in again.

In the realm of Real Work, I’ve finished reading Dragon Ship and feel that I have a good grasp on the story.  Necessity’s Child (the book formerly known as George), to the extent that it exists, is loaded on Paladin the Nook, awaiting my reading pleasure.  And! I woke up this morning with a title for the story commissioned for the Baen website and the beginning of an idea of How It Might Go.

I also woke up this morning on the edge of a dream where I was a guest of President and Mrs. Obama in their summer house next door to the Bangor Public Library.  I wasn’t the only guest; there were quite a few, because the BPL, which had many years ago been given custody of Stephen King’s computer, which. . .stopped functioning in some way that precluded him from recovering the stories on the hard drive had! finally! broken those stories free!  and six new Stephen King novels were about to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting world.  Quite naturally, they were throwing a party, though not at the Obama’s house, which would be too small to hold the crowd, but across the river in Orono, at the Event Center.

Stephen arrived and we all got on buses, finding piles of party clothes in the foyer of the Event Center.  I found a shirt I quite liked, put it on and went in to party, but was stopped by a young man who offered me my choice of several different outfits.  “Well, but I kind of like this,” I said.  “Yes, ma’am,” he said softly, “but that’s Steve’s shirt.”

…and on that note —

Back to the paperwork!

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