Home is the sailor, from the sea; and the writer, from the con

So! Back in Maine. Yay!

Chattacon was awesome. We had fun! We hope everyone who was there had fun, too! It was great to have breakfast with attending Friends of Liad, and to hang out with fellow guests Laura Anne Gilman, Rachel Caine, and John Picacio.

I bought a. . .sculpture from Kevin Dyer. It’s hanging on the wall above my computer screen, so I can admire it often.

Speaking of eye-candy — Toni did us the kindness of bringing a blow-up of the cover for Dragon Ship; it’s just. . .wow. I’m just hoping the book can live up to the art.

Speaking of which, today, I’ll load Dragon Ship onto Paladin the Nook so I can read it and therefore gain an understanding of what the story is actually about, but, for the most part, today is going to be about going through the paper mail, paying bills, and sorting email.

If you sent me an email, please do be patient; I downloaded about 1200 pieces, and even with throwing away half that leaves, um…Quite A Lot to deal with, and my first priority is!

Getting the taxes together for the accountant, who needs them before we go to Boskone. My former employer has unexpectedly provided my W2 already!, so I may be able to finish my part of All This Stuff this week. That? Would be good.

There, now; that’s caught me up; what’ve y’all been doing while I was away?

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