Coulda been worse

So, this morning, up betimes, oatmeal, coffee, mail check, off to gym.  A beautiful, sunny, warm day (43F/6C), there are a couple piles of snow here and there, but mostly there’s grass, and dry, dusty road.

Do the gym thing, come home, head full of  Theo.  Steve is on his way out.  My car needs windshield washer fluid.  There’s a jug of the stuff  ’round back of the house.  I head out to get it, down a long, grassy slope of ground that’s mud just under the grass and frozen just under that half-inch of slidey, slidey mud.

Get to the back of the house, which is in shadow.  The grass is suddenly crunchy with ice, I head down the hill toward the woodpile and the jug of washer fluid. . .

You see where this is going, right?

The mitzvah is that I didn’t break my arm or sprain my wrist or — avert! —  break any fingers.

What I did do is sprain my ankle.  A bad sprain, I’m told.  Which is good.  If you’re going to sprain your ankle, I always say, sprain  it like you stole  it.

. . .or something.

Anyhow, Steve came and levered me up, all over mud that I  was, and eased me back up the hill and into the car and off we merrily drove to the ER, for Xrays and whatnot.  I am now richer by a pair of aluminum crutches,  an air cast, and a bottle of vicodin, of which I have taken one, and there’ll be no more of that on the morrow.

I find that I am extraordinarily graceless on crutches; a menance to cats and man.  I will, I expect, be a denizen of the couch for the next two or three days.  Need to get Steve to copy Dragon Ship onto The Leewit’s SD card so I can get back to work.

Thanks to the vicodin, I’m taking the night off.  Double words tomorrow, that’s the ticket.

In the meantime, I started reading Rob Thurman’s Chimera at the ER, and I do believe I’ll continue on with that project.

Question for the Linux gurus who read here:  Gmail is scolding me and letting me know that the  Firefox on The Leewit is too old to talk to, and has busted me back to HTML.  Since one of the reasons I have The Leewit is so I can deal with writing and correspondence while we’re traveling, I need a fully functional Gmail.  I downloaded the newest Firefox for Linux, but!  I don’t know where it downloaded to and, for bonus points, I don’t know how to install it.



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