What the devil is the woman DOING?

So, yes, still working on Dragon Ship. I need to write on the order of 1600 Perfect, Polished, and Publishable words each day, every day for the next 18 days.

Pray for me.

Also? I haven’t seen the a general announcement about this (granted, I’ve not been gallivanting around the internets much lately). It is a real situation (thanks to Eric Shivak for tipping me off), and it’s worth checking out, if you happen to sell ebooks through Amazon KDP.

Sometime in the last couple of days, somehow, some why, some switches got…switched in a number, but not in all, publisher accounts (if you are an author who is epublishing your own work through Amazon this means you!). The switches? Well, the switch that tells Amazon whether to pay you by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) or by paper check got flipped to CHECK, regardless of whether you had previously told them to send your money via EFT.

Also? All of the foreign payment information flipped from “Pay me in USD” to “Pay me in [local currency].”

Also, also? In my case, the deposit-to bank information was wiped out.

So, what you want to do, if you publish ebooks through Amazon, is go — right now — to your account and check those switches. All of them. If they’re wrong, flip ’em back.

Though I asked, there has as of this moment been no answer from Amazon/KDP about whether or not my deposit-to bank account has been compromised by Whatever The Heck Happened. Because, yanno, my bank account isn’t nearly as important as Amazon’s bank account.

It’s a shame that it’s rather too easy to say, Oh, well! Amazon has seen a way to limit its exposure to the Christmas Buying Season payout 60 days down the road. If Amazon was a little better about its other business practices, I’m sure that such an idea would never have entered my devious, writer’s head.

So, that’s what else I’ve been doing.

As if that weren’t enough excitement, Amy from Framemakers came over yesterday and we — by which I mean she — spent a couple hours hanging paintings back in the living room, which now looks perfectly lovely and orderly.

This will not, she said, darkly, last.

This morning, Steve and I went in to town to find out what was making the horrific racket in his car. While Mr. Smith and his able crew were looking into that, we did food shopping, stopped at Barrel’s for some wonderful handmade soap, went by the Post Office, where our denim shirts from Renovation had arrived! and so back to Mr. Smith and the happy news that Argent the Subaru needs somewhat more than $1,000 of work in order to make him whole and quiet again.


Now, we’re home, and having snacked on an apple-and-cheddar scone we picked up at Barrel’s, Steve is washing the dishes, I’m finishing up this blog post so that I can start in on writing down today’s Sixteen Big Ones, and life, as they say goes on.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant wind-down to the end of the year. Do be safe, and remember to tell the people you love how much they mean to you.

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