We’re going to Michigan

Well, actually, no. We’re not going to Michigan; the post takes its title from a song from Audiobody, called (wait for it) “We’re Going to Michigan,” which has gotten stuck sideways in my head.

(Audiobody was a great find; I have their CD “Do Something Difficult,” and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you, EepyBird)

So, anyway, a busy couple days here at the Confusion Factory. Work on Dragon Ship continues; putting the house back together continues; planning for our various winter trips continues (Chattanooga on January 19! Um. Eeep!)(Boston on February 17! Urg!); deliveries continue to arrive (this just in — and I do mean just; the UPS truck is driving away as I type — give-away ribbons, including but not limited to, Happy Birthday Theo! Want one? Come see us at Chattacon.). The guy who was to come back and finish the couple little chores in the house for us has vanished into the ether, sigh. And I have a call in to a young lady who will help me hang the paintings up in such a manner that they won’t fall down again.

Discoveries continue, too. Just yesterday I discovered that it’s harder to upload a video to Youtube than Youtube lets you know. Also, I learned that some folks think a book that you can’t give to a YA reader is by definition a bad book.

Someone in the recent past asked why our books aren’t in the SFBC (Science Fiction Bookclub) catalog. The short answer is: both Balance of Trade and Partners in Necessity were available through SFBC. They didn’t do well (though there was a while there where I couldn’t talk to a SF-reading mundane* who didn’t say, “But! I read your book from SFBC! Why weren’t there any more?”) and SFBC has passed on any more Liaden material.

So, anyway, this is a check-in post. Things — lots of things! — are in process. The cats are asleep. And! there’s nothing much to see here.

What’s going on with y’all? Everybody ready for whatever Winter Holiday you honor?

*”Mundane” is the word that self-identified, con-going, and/or fanzine fans use to connote people who are not self-identified con-going and/or fanzine fans.

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